Advocacy Program

Advocacy Program

Victim advocates provide a multitude of services to help victims, survivors, and witnesses recover from the trauma of being a victim of a crime.

Services offered include, but are certainly not limited to:
  • Court escort for victims and their families
  • Case management
  • Referrals to resources focused on healing, including counseling, trauma sensitive yoga, support groups, etc.
  • Education on reporting and safety options
  • Transportation to and from court
  • Referrals for emergency shelter
  • Referrals for emergency food or clothing
  • Pet relocation and temporary shelter
  • Victim Compensation application assistance
  • Emergency financial assistance (food, shelter, transport and other immediate needs)

Court Escort for Victims and Their Families

The primary function of Victim Witness Advocates is to be available for the initial crisis response through the investigation and the entire judicial process, from initial appearance to sentencing. They assist in keeping a victim updated, explaining what happens throughout each step of the process, advocating for what a victim wants, and assisting a victim with meeting personal needs through community referrals. Advocates can attend all court proceedings, beginning with the initial appearance, with or on behalf of a victim. They assist victims with their impact statements, escort them to prosecutor meetings, educate them on processes and proceedings, administrate victims rights and provide emotional support.

Victim Witness Services advocates on behalf of victims to ensure their rights are met and works in tandem with Coconino County Attorney’s Office to successfully prosecute offenders. In our experience, when a victim is accompanied by an advocate during the court process, prosecution rates are higher and justice is more likely.

Advocacy is a support service to victims and provided in a trauma informed care approach, empowering victims through the process.

Do you or Someone you know need advocacy?

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